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Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky Tea Party

Hello dear readers!
Recently I attended my first tea party outside of Germany. It was organised by the Summertales Boutique in Houten, the Netherlands.
The tea party, called Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky, was held on the 29th of May, 2016!
I was really excited when they announced the theme of the tea party: stars, constellations and similar things.
Luckily I had a lot of dresses to choose from, since most of the pieces I own have at least some golden stars on them.
I decided to wear my Luminous Sanctuary Special Set JSK, since the theme of that print is the Gemini constellation and I thought it would go quite well.
My coordinates aren't really interesting, because I haven't been in the fashion for very long, so I don't have a lot of accessoires and my coordinating skills are rather bad ^_^;

Well.. whatever, I chose to wear the barrette my dress came with, AP wrist cuffs, a suffle song tube top, white tights and pink shoes from An Tai Na.
I also used my white Milky Cross Purse that day.

On the day of the tea party, I set my alarm quite early, so that I'd have enough time to get ready.
My mom was so sweet! Since she didn't have anything special to do herself on that day, she drove me to Houten. :)

On our way also picked up my friend Karin! She was super kind and let me borrow her golden star clip , which made my outfit look much more complete. 

Her outfit was just amazing.. there were just so many tiny details and it matched the theme so well.
She had tiny, sparkly stars on her legs and arms, which looked like little constellations. 

We were the last guests to arrive  at the tea party, but well, we came a long way. ^^:
Karin and I sat down on a table with three other Lolitas, who looked really lovely. 
In the beginning a little speech was held by Katie, the owner of the Boutique. She explained something about the event and showed some items from the Summer Tales Boutique's new collection, which looked awesome and very cute. 

After the little speech we had some time for chatting, shopping and taking pictures.
There was a big selection of accessoires, plushies and other goodies in the shop.
It was very tempting, but I was strong and didn't buy anything, since I have to save up for the
Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris. ^^;

The shop is decorated so nicely, I really like it. They have a lot of old dolls, which were
very interesting to look at. 
Dolls match the esthetic of Lolita very well in my opinion. 

After looking at the shop we talked to some people and took outfit shots. 
I only took pictures of two girls, since I wasn't in the mood of starting conversations with strangers, 
which is pretty silly if you attending a tea party in a foreign country, but whatever.

The first picture shows Rosalynn's outfit. She's the writer of the blog Lolita Wonderland,
where she posts really nice articles, mostly on Lolita events. I especially enjoy her travel blogs.
Her posts about Tokyo helped me a lot to plan a trip to that city myself and to know what to expect in advance. She also gave me some helpful advice when I first got in to the fashion. I was so happy 
to meet her again, since the last time we met was about a year ago. :)

I also took pictures of this girl, who had an amazing outfit. Her hair and her make up were so amazing, I loved it so much and it matched the theme of the tea party perfectly. 
Sadly I forgot her name. I really hope it's okay to post her picture here, but if it's not, I'll take it down right away.

After that it was time for high tea. Katies boyfriend had made some delicious treats,
like sandwiches, cupcakes, small cakes, brownies and so on..
Whenever we ran out of food someone would bring some more. There was so much and it was really tasty! Despite being extremely picky I even found something savoury I could enjoy. I don't really know what it was, but it was nice. We also had a big selection of tea :)

When we had finished our food, there was some more spare time in which we could do whatever we want.
Then, finally, the outfit contest started. My friend Karin participated, so I was quite excited.
She was really nervous and I felt a bit sorry for her, since she didn't really know what to say about her outfit. 
But actually a lot of people voted for her, so she got the second place and won a headbow.
Amazing, right? :)
Below you can see a picture of all the Lolitas, who participated in the outfit contest. 
All of them looked super cute. 

After the outfit contest there was a raffle. You could win amazing stuff, like a bunny plush, dolly wink eyelashes, a innocent world totebag and many more.
I really hoped to win something this time, but of course it didn't happen. 
Anyways, it made me happy to see the others winning those really cute things. :)

In the end we took a group picture. 
My mother came to pick us up and it was time to say goodbye. 
Despite the language barrier it has been an amazing tea party. I hope I can act more open 
and talk to more people next time. Of course I had some nice conversations, but I felt a little bit akward, since I don't understand any Dutch at all and my English pronunciation isn't the greatest. 
I hope I can get better, so that I'll be able to make some friends in the Dutch Lolita community too.

(I stole the group picture from Summer Tales facebook page, I hope that was okay. xD)

A big thank you to the Summer Tales Boutique for organizing the event. I had a great time. 

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