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Modeling for Angelic Pretty

Picture from 
It shows the tea party locstion.

Hi everyone,
today I actually got to model for Angelic Pretty.
So before I continue writing, I need to apologize for the bad quality of the fotos.
I forgot my camera at home, so I had to use my phone to take pictures. As soon as I can find better fotos of my outfit, I'll update this post.

My dad and I drove to Paris on Friday, the 8th of July. Since it was the last day of school I could leave early. He picked me up at my school at 11 am.
After a hours of driving we finally arrived in Paris!

On the 9th of July, the day of the Angelic Pretty Tea Party I had to get up really early. 
I didn't want to finish my whole makeup, since I'd have to walk to the hotel the party was held, 
but at least I got my foundation done.

When my dad and I arrived at the tea party location we already saw other Lolitas. I was to shy to talk to them though. 
At 10 am the models could get in to the backstage area. I felt a bit awkward, since I didn't know anyone.
Later it turned out that I wasn't the only german model. There also was Jennifer, she is such a sweetheart. She helped me a lot and made me feel less awkward.

The designers showed us what dresses we would wear. I was so lucky! The dress I got to model was the Antoinette Decoration OP in green.
When I opened the bag that had my number on it, I was really suprised. It didn't only include a headbow, thights and wristcuffs, but also a bonnet, 
additional sleeves, a chocker, a small bow and some really weird wristcuffs, which didn't open but were way to small to pull over my hands.
In the beginning I only put on the headbow and the wristcuffs. Later I realized that I had to wear everything! I had never worn a bonnet before and it was just huuuge. The whole coord was really OTT.

Sadly I don't have any good full body shots yet.
They even gave my this huge fluffy fan. I didn't even know what to do with it. xD

The rehearsals were quite confusing, we constantly had to change up the order.
I got really nervous, since the room seemed so big.

After the rehearsal we got to eat lunch! They had bought baguettes, salads, cake and fruits, I think.
Since I don't like most savory foods, I obviously chose the sweets! :)

Actually I think those tasted a lot better than the food they served at the tea party itself.
It was a big relief to eat something, since I hadn't eaten anything since Wednesday evening. I just wanted to stay slim..

Finally, before the guests were let in, we could pick up our tickets and actually reserve a place at a table, which was great. Jennifer and I chose to sit next to each other.
Then we got back into the backstage area and I touched up my make up.
Asuka tied my waist ties and adjusted my bonnet, Maki put some blush on my face. 
Both of them said I look cute, yay. :)

The actual fashion show went quite well.
My friends just told me that I walked really fast and I mixed up two position, but I doubt that anyone really noticed.
The shoes they had given to me wear quite small too.. I could barely walk in them. :/ 

When the show was over, some AP staff members gave us small gifts. 
It was a small hello kitty towel and some beautiful japanese gummy candy.

I also talked with RinRin Doll, she's my idol. ♡

When we got into the tea party room, I just wanted to relax and eat my cake. 
Those have been incredible stressful days for me, 
I can't even believe that I managed not to eat a anything.

We got cake, presents and tea. I didn't care for the raffle or the outfit contest, because I was so tiered.

I had the number one by the way. xD 
Afterwards my dad and I ate some Ramen and visited the AP Shop, which was nice, but there were way too many people. 
I got one of my dream necklaces. The bag in the background also was a gift we got at the tea party.

Thank you so much for reading. There was a lot of text this time, I know, but I thought it would be interesting to read about a brand modeling experience.

Have a nice day, 


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