Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

Modeling for Angelic Pretty

Picture from 
It shows the tea party locstion.

Hi everyone,
today I actually got to model for Angelic Pretty.
So before I continue writing, I need to apologize for the bad quality of the fotos.
I forgot my camera at home, so I had to use my phone to take pictures. As soon as I can find better fotos of my outfit, I'll update this post.

My dad and I drove to Paris on Friday, the 8th of July. Since it was the last day of school I could leave early. He picked me up at my school at 11 am.
After a hours of driving we finally arrived in Paris!

On the 9th of July, the day of the Angelic Pretty Tea Party I had to get up really early. 
I didn't want to finish my whole makeup, since I'd have to walk to the hotel the party was held, 
but at least I got my foundation done.

When my dad and I arrived at the tea party location we already saw other Lolitas. I was to shy to talk to them though. 
At 10 am the models could get in to the backstage area. I felt a bit awkward, since I didn't know anyone.
Later it turned out that I wasn't the only german model. There also was Jennifer, she is such a sweetheart. She helped me a lot and made me feel less awkward.

The designers showed us what dresses we would wear. I was so lucky! The dress I got to model was the Antoinette Decoration OP in green.
When I opened the bag that had my number on it, I was really suprised. It didn't only include a headbow, thights and wristcuffs, but also a bonnet, 
additional sleeves, a chocker, a small bow and some really weird wristcuffs, which didn't open but were way to small to pull over my hands.
In the beginning I only put on the headbow and the wristcuffs. Later I realized that I had to wear everything! I had never worn a bonnet before and it was just huuuge. The whole coord was really OTT.

Sadly I don't have any good full body shots yet.
They even gave my this huge fluffy fan. I didn't even know what to do with it. xD

The rehearsals were quite confusing, we constantly had to change up the order.
I got really nervous, since the room seemed so big.

After the rehearsal we got to eat lunch! They had bought baguettes, salads, cake and fruits, I think.
Since I don't like most savory foods, I obviously chose the sweets! :)

Actually I think those tasted a lot better than the food they served at the tea party itself.
It was a big relief to eat something, since I hadn't eaten anything since Wednesday evening. I just wanted to stay slim..

Finally, before the guests were let in, we could pick up our tickets and actually reserve a place at a table, which was great. Jennifer and I chose to sit next to each other.
Then we got back into the backstage area and I touched up my make up.
Asuka tied my waist ties and adjusted my bonnet, Maki put some blush on my face. 
Both of them said I look cute, yay. :)

The actual fashion show went quite well.
My friends just told me that I walked really fast and I mixed up two position, but I doubt that anyone really noticed.
The shoes they had given to me wear quite small too.. I could barely walk in them. :/ 

When the show was over, some AP staff members gave us small gifts. 
It was a small hello kitty towel and some beautiful japanese gummy candy.

I also talked with RinRin Doll, she's my idol. ♡

When we got into the tea party room, I just wanted to relax and eat my cake. 
Those have been incredible stressful days for me, 
I can't even believe that I managed not to eat a anything.

We got cake, presents and tea. I didn't care for the raffle or the outfit contest, because I was so tiered.

I had the number one by the way. xD 
Afterwards my dad and I ate some Ramen and visited the AP Shop, which was nice, but there were way too many people. 
I got one of my dream necklaces. The bag in the background also was a gift we got at the tea party.

Thank you so much for reading. There was a lot of text this time, I know, but I thought it would be interesting to read about a brand modeling experience.

Have a nice day, 


Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky Tea Party

Hello dear readers!
Recently I attended my first tea party outside of Germany. It was organised by the Summertales Boutique in Houten, the Netherlands.
The tea party, called Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky, was held on the 29th of May, 2016!
I was really excited when they announced the theme of the tea party: stars, constellations and similar things.
Luckily I had a lot of dresses to choose from, since most of the pieces I own have at least some golden stars on them.
I decided to wear my Luminous Sanctuary Special Set JSK, since the theme of that print is the Gemini constellation and I thought it would go quite well.
My coordinates aren't really interesting, because I haven't been in the fashion for very long, so I don't have a lot of accessoires and my coordinating skills are rather bad ^_^;

Well.. whatever, I chose to wear the barrette my dress came with, AP wrist cuffs, a suffle song tube top, white tights and pink shoes from An Tai Na.
I also used my white Milky Cross Purse that day.

On the day of the tea party, I set my alarm quite early, so that I'd have enough time to get ready.
My mom was so sweet! Since she didn't have anything special to do herself on that day, she drove me to Houten. :)

On our way also picked up my friend Karin! She was super kind and let me borrow her golden star clip , which made my outfit look much more complete. 

Her outfit was just amazing.. there were just so many tiny details and it matched the theme so well.
She had tiny, sparkly stars on her legs and arms, which looked like little constellations. 

We were the last guests to arrive  at the tea party, but well, we came a long way. ^^:
Karin and I sat down on a table with three other Lolitas, who looked really lovely. 
In the beginning a little speech was held by Katie, the owner of the Boutique. She explained something about the event and showed some items from the Summer Tales Boutique's new collection, which looked awesome and very cute. 

After the little speech we had some time for chatting, shopping and taking pictures.
There was a big selection of accessoires, plushies and other goodies in the shop.
It was very tempting, but I was strong and didn't buy anything, since I have to save up for the
Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris. ^^;

The shop is decorated so nicely, I really like it. They have a lot of old dolls, which were
very interesting to look at. 
Dolls match the esthetic of Lolita very well in my opinion. 

After looking at the shop we talked to some people and took outfit shots. 
I only took pictures of two girls, since I wasn't in the mood of starting conversations with strangers, 
which is pretty silly if you attending a tea party in a foreign country, but whatever.

The first picture shows Rosalynn's outfit. She's the writer of the blog Lolita Wonderland,
where she posts really nice articles, mostly on Lolita events. I especially enjoy her travel blogs.
Her posts about Tokyo helped me a lot to plan a trip to that city myself and to know what to expect in advance. She also gave me some helpful advice when I first got in to the fashion. I was so happy 
to meet her again, since the last time we met was about a year ago. :)

I also took pictures of this girl, who had an amazing outfit. Her hair and her make up were so amazing, I loved it so much and it matched the theme of the tea party perfectly. 
Sadly I forgot her name. I really hope it's okay to post her picture here, but if it's not, I'll take it down right away.

After that it was time for high tea. Katies boyfriend had made some delicious treats,
like sandwiches, cupcakes, small cakes, brownies and so on..
Whenever we ran out of food someone would bring some more. There was so much and it was really tasty! Despite being extremely picky I even found something savoury I could enjoy. I don't really know what it was, but it was nice. We also had a big selection of tea :)

When we had finished our food, there was some more spare time in which we could do whatever we want.
Then, finally, the outfit contest started. My friend Karin participated, so I was quite excited.
She was really nervous and I felt a bit sorry for her, since she didn't really know what to say about her outfit. 
But actually a lot of people voted for her, so she got the second place and won a headbow.
Amazing, right? :)
Below you can see a picture of all the Lolitas, who participated in the outfit contest. 
All of them looked super cute. 

After the outfit contest there was a raffle. You could win amazing stuff, like a bunny plush, dolly wink eyelashes, a innocent world totebag and many more.
I really hoped to win something this time, but of course it didn't happen. 
Anyways, it made me happy to see the others winning those really cute things. :)

In the end we took a group picture. 
My mother came to pick us up and it was time to say goodbye. 
Despite the language barrier it has been an amazing tea party. I hope I can act more open 
and talk to more people next time. Of course I had some nice conversations, but I felt a little bit akward, since I don't understand any Dutch at all and my English pronunciation isn't the greatest. 
I hope I can get better, so that I'll be able to make some friends in the Dutch Lolita community too.

(I stole the group picture from Summer Tales facebook page, I hope that was okay. xD)

A big thank you to the Summer Tales Boutique for organizing the event. I had a great time. 

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Lolita Fashion Haul - May

Hello dear readers!
Since I've been buying a lot more recently, I thought it would be fun
to do monthly Lolita fashion hauls.
I'm trying to build an angel themed wardrobe, which should include a
lot of crosses, animals with angel wings, crescent moons and stars!
My favorite colors are light pink and lavender, preferably with a bit of blue in them, because that way it matches my hair a lot better.

I also have to keep in mind that I shouldn't buy that many big OTT head bows, veils or bonnets, but rather small hair clips, since I wear
Lolita to school. My teachers and classmates are really accepting, but wearing head bows makes me feel ridiculous in class.
Bows or clips that have alligator clips are fine most of the time.

So the first thing I wanted to show you is this necklace, which matches my Holy Theater JSK.
The little sheep might look a bit derpy in pictures, since the eyes are made out of little gems, but it's super nice in person.
Now I only need the Holy Theater veil!

The next purchase I have is one of my absolute dream items.
It goes really well with the majority of my dresses, which is quite amazing.
The fake leather is really soft and easy to clean and the bag looks more durable than the replica version.
I expected it to be bigger, but it's not as bad as my Usakumya backpack.
I'm really worried to break it though, since the strap is a pearl chain.
It's not practical if you want to carry heavy items around, but I still love it, because it's so pretty.

The biggest item I bought last month was Angelic Prettys Shadow Dream Carnival. I got it during the Golden Week Sale, so I saved 30%.
I was going to buy it anyways and I'm happy I did wait a few months.

I love the color and the design, it's very different from normal printed dresses and it fits in with the rest of my wardrobe perfectly.
The only thing that really bothers me is the cut. I really like high waisted dresses, but this one is just super highwaisted and huuge.
Thankfully I have small boobs, otherwise I would look ridiculous.

I honestly don't understand the cut of this. It would fit bigger girls nicely, but obviously, bigger girls have bigger boobs and most of them avoid highwaisted dresses, especially if it's as extreme as this one.
I'm not even that skinny, but the shirring doesn't stretch on me at all, but hangs baggy. I have to tie the waistties super thighly.
At least my mom says it looks flattering and she's really honest when it comes to the way that dresses fit on me.

Thanks for reading, I'm not sure if I'm going to buy anything this month, since the AP tea party in Paris is coming up next month and I need to
save up, but if I buy something anyways, I'll definitely post another haul.

Montag, 4. April 2016

Lolita Birthday Tea Party

On the 3rd of April 2016 I celebrated my 16th birthday with a Lolita Tea Party at Cafe "Besonders Bunt" in Bochum.
Since I had told my boyfriend how much I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my lovely Lolita friends months ahead, he secretly started planning quite early. He made a facebook conversation group to discuss things like who should be invited, what food should be served, where the party should be held and so on. I was so suprised and happy when I found out there was something planned. :)

Since I wanted to give everyone who came a little present, I figured out to bake sugar cookies shaped like Korilakkuma and Hello Kitty.
Everything went really well and the cookies tasted amazing, until I realised:
Eggs and Butter aren't exactly vegan, right?
I didn't really know what to do, since I don't want anyone to be sad or feel excluded, just
because they chose to eat in a way that doesn't harm animals.
I'm definitly not vegan myself, but I really admire those who are able live like that.
My boyfriend and I quickly went to the supermarket, to get some ingredients for
vegan cookies!
I think my first attempt of vegan baking went quite well :)
You can see them in the picture on the right, there are a little bit dry, so I filled them with delicious peanut butter.

On the day of the tea party I woke up quite early, since I was very excited.
There wasn't a lot to prepare, since all the food, decorations and so on were made by Cafe Besonders Bunt! My boyfriend and I decided to listen to some audiobooks until 1 pm, so I could calm down a bit.
After that I got dressed. This day I decided to wear Ceceilia Cross, which I got for my birthday.
I was so nervous, since that dress was stuck in customs for quite a while and I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time, because I really wanted to wear it to my birthday.
I combined it with this cute blouse, white tights (as always), my favourite pink shoes from An Tai Na,
AP wristcuffs and the Ceceilia Cross headbow.
Do you like my outfit? :)

My boyfriend also decided to dress up for this special occasion.
He had ordered an elegant Gothic Outfit from Dracula Clothing, which is located in Europe btw, so no customs!
I really liked his outfit, it looks so vampire-esque (, but the top-hat makes him look like a wizard x) ).
He's the perfect Ouji Accesory! :P

When we finally arrived at the Cafe I was overwhelmed by how pretty the cakes were!
I got two big cakes, one was lemon flavoured and shaped like a cross, the other one was chocolate flavored and shaped like a crescent moon, as well as a few vegan cupcakes.

Then my guests arrived, I was almost shocked by how pretty everyone looked!
Sadly two of my friends were ill, I hope you guys get well soon :(
Finally, after I hugged all of my guests, gave everyone their gift bags and chatted a bit, we sat down.
After some chatting, they decided I should open my present before we would start eating cake.

I was quite shocked when I saw the huge package on the table next to my friends.
It turned out they had thrown their money together to buy my one big present :)
I was so excited to open it..  it turned out to be a fluffy coat by Babyssb!
The coat was so soft and had such a nice color. I was so suprised, because I didn't expect something
like this! I almost cried..

My friend Dorothea also got my some really nice roses, they look so adorable!
Thank you so much, my friends :)

After opening up my amazing present, we finally had some cake!
I also ordered some delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, because I can't 
get enough chocolate x3 
Sadly I have a really small stomach, so I couldn't even finish my first piece of birthday cake.
I only got to try two or three bites of the chocolate cake, which is such a shame.
Luckily I was able to take some of the cake home, so I can enjoy it while I'm writing this blog post :p

When everyone had finished their cake, I ask some of my guests if they wanted to take outfit pictures.
We went outside in small groups to take pictures at the giant cupcake in front of the cafe :)

Simone (Ravenhearts Elegy) in her lovely sea themed dress. Her pony bag is to die for!

Dorothea in Castle Mirage, which is definitly one of my favourite prints.
She looks so pretty :)

Melanie in Bodylines Antique Clock. She even had the matching bag and her mini hat is very cute ^^

Kati and Mareike twinning Sugar Pansy. Their outfits matched so well. I love the color combination!

Leo (Fairytale Prince) made his headdress especially for this occasion :)
He looks so handsome!

Hina, owner of Cute Lolliland. She rocks OTT Sweet Lolita.
A lot of her accesoires are handmade!

Natalie, wearing another sea themed outfit. I lover her lobster jewelry. So cute x3

Elizabeth wore this super cute dress from Krad Lanrete. I'm so in love with her simple Coords. 

Laura in her absolutley stunning Milky-chan dress. Her handmade blouse looks so awesome!

When everyone had their pictures taken, we went inside again to chat some more and drink more 
delicious tea and hot chocolate.

Some of us decided to have dinner at Mongos that evening, which is a nice Mongolian restaurant.
I really enjoyed the food, but I didn't take any pictures :)

When I got home I looked at my lovely coat for a while, looked through some of the pictures I had taken and prepepared for school. It had been such a great day and I'm so thankful and feel so 
honoured, since I've gotten such a nice present and so many guests came! 
A big thank you to everyone :)